Music - Stringed Instruments

Stringed Intruments Teacher

Mr. Nestor Herszbaum

Room 231
Phone: 402-457-5620

Music - Band

Band Teacher

Ms. Emily Nolan

Room 233
Phone: 402-457-5620


 Hello Band Parents and Students!

Thank you for coming to check out Ms. Nolan’s band class website. It is my goal to support and develop your students’ appreciation for music through experiencing band and all the opportunities that come with band.

 Ms. Nolan’s Schedule

Cycle Day
 1/6  Florence  Skinner
 2/7  Saratoga / Miller Park
 3/8  Florence  Bancroft
4/9  Skinner  Kellom
5/10  Miller Park / Saratoga


Remember: If you request to use a school instrument, you must write a letter indicating your need and commitment to help your child be successful. Include your contact information and send it to me at your child’s school as soon as possible.



Thanks, and have a great day!

Emily Nolan