Miller Park Elementary PK - 5

SIMBAS — ON Time, ON Task, ON a Mission!

5625 North 28th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68111-1799

Phone: (531) 299-1820

Fax: (531) 299-1839

Nurse Fax: (531) 299-1838

Principal:  Dan Kirchhevel




Welcome! My name is Dan Kirchhevel and I am honored to be the principal of Miller Park Elementary School, home of the Simbas. It is a privilege to be part of a highly experienced and skilled staff of teachers and support staff. I am eager to carry on the tradition of academic and community success at Miller Park Elementary School.

Miller Park is a place where everyone is respected, hard work is valued and high expectations are realized and celebrated! Respect, responsibility and discipline are consistently modeled each day to ensure our school is a positive, proactive, respectful and productive learning environment.

I believe that every student that walks through our school doors can learn and deserves the very best we can offer.

We look forward to working as a team to maintain the high rigor of academic excellence at Miller Park! I wish all of you the best as we start out the school year. Thank you for giving us such great kids to teach.

Numeracy can be expressed in many different ways. Here at Miller Park we implement several numeracy strategies that allow for student engagement as well as differentiated instruction towards student success.

  • Math Work Walls in the classrooms and the commons area
  • Use of manipulatives for whole group and small group instruction
  • Use of the 2-4-2 strategy implemented in bell work as well as homework
  • Weekly school wide estimation challenge
  • Student math journals
  • Think-Pair-Shares
  • Math Talks

News & Announcements


Miller Park Elementary

Nebraska families with children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals are now eligible for food assistance through a new program called Pandemic-EBT! 

If you do not currently receive SNAP, and your children received free or reduced-price school meals this year, you must complete your application before July 19, 2020: Families can also call 800-383-4278 to apply.
If your family currently receives SNAP, and your children received free or reduced-price school meals this year, you do not need to complete an application.


Expect to receive two payments, up to $281 in total: one between July 28-31 and another between August 15-19. Please share widely!
PLEASE NOTE: Although the application asks for a parent/guardian Social Security Number, it is OPTIONAL. You can leave this blank and still receive benefits. P-EBT benefits will not affect your family’s immigration status and the public charge rule does not apply to P-EBT benefits.