Daniel Kirchhevel

Principal:  Daniel Kirchhevel

Email:  daniel.kirchhevel@ops.org
Phone:  (531) 299-1820


Welcome!  My name is Daniel Kirchhevel and I am honored to be the new principal of Miller Park Elementary School, home of the Simbas. It is a privilege to be part of a highly experienced and skilled staff of teachers and support staff.  I am eager to carry on the tradition of academic and community success at Miller Park Elementary School.  

Miller Park is a place where everyone is respected, hard work is valued and high expectations are realized and celebrated! Respect, responsibility and discipline are consistently modeled each day to ensure our school is a positive, proactive, respectful and productive learning environment. 

I believe that every student that walks through our school doors can learn and deserves the very best we can offer.

  We look forward to working as a team to maintain the high rigor of academic excellence at Miller Park! I wish all of you the best as we start out the school year. Thank you for giving us such great kids to teach.